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Sliding Windows
In today’s compact home styling, sliding windows are best for home keepers with less space in their houses. Sliding windows are available in different categories, two track, three track, and multi track. Having different number of shutters, the sliding windows prevent dust and moisture with the help of wire mesh shutter. The sliding window system is designed technically and is supported with modern locking system with strong durability. In addition, it is sound proof, airtight and suits all weather types and conditions. All types of sliding windows have the water drainage system and are made of specially designed Steel.

Two-Track sliding window
Two-Track sliding windows are best fit for limited space houses where there are compact spaces. Two-Track sliding windows have two tracks of sliding.

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Three-Track sliding window
Like Two-Track sliding windows, three-track sliding windows are also useful in houses with limited space. Three-Track sliding windows are preferable for a larger provided space. Three-Track sliding windows have three tracks of sliding interlocked with each other.
Multi-Track sliding window
Multi-Track sliding windows adjustable where there is enough space for opening a window. Multi-Track sliding windows have various sliding tracks with 4, 5 or 6 tracks.
Sliding doors
Sliding doors are like openable doors, which are airtight and watertight. With the same facility of water drainage system to drain water out in case of water flowing inside when the door is open, these doors are made of specially designed steel and are strong and safe.
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