Casement Windows & Doors :::
Especially suiting the Indian climate ranging from extreme weathers of cold and summer to the moderate climate and thunders and heavy rainfall, windows manufactured in Europlast are rapidly gaining popularity in the household market. These aspects are well set in mind, with all the pros and cons of the durability of our products in various climates.

Commonly popular for various reasons, casement windows are easily adaptable to any interior style and provide unmatchable operational features. The side-hinged sash of the casement window opens to the exterior of the home instead of taking space of your interior. It can be opened by using a crank handle located on the inside base of the window. Along with other facilities, casement windows open  in  an  angle  of  90°  giving  it  the ability to maximize and control the breeze
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directing it to the interior areas. The 90° angle of the windows centralizing the sash helps it in capturing breeze from any direction.
Designed not only to open outside but also inside, our doors are especially chosen for their various security features having inbuilt in them. We use special hardware system and our windows are air tight along with watertight. A special facility has been provided that prevents the back and forth movement of water when the door is closed or opened.
In case of any such conditions arises, there is a water drainage provision to drain out the water. We use specially designed steel that gives greater strength and safety to the doors.
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